About Us

About Us

PT Javadwipa Duta Mandiri is a private company based in Surabaya which is engaged in Innovative Technology services based on the Internet of Things to support the achievement of the Industrial Revolution in Indonesia. Currently, Javadwipa Group has 6 service entities, including ICT Solutions, Electrical Solutions, Lighting Solutions, IoT & Automation System, Human & Safety Solutions and Pipeline Solutions. Currently we are also working with the Government Goods/Services Procurement Policy Institute (LKPP), aiming to improve services to local governments by utilizing the procurement of goods through the LKPP e-catalog.

A Brief History of Javadwipa

Javadwipa is a company that was founded in 2000. At the beginning, this company was still a small company with CV (Commanditaire Vennootschap) status which was still called CV Javadwipa which served Hardware Service of electronic devices.

PT Javadwipa Duta Mandiri

Over time, the Javadwipa company continues to grow and develop so that it can serve Telecommunication and Electrical. So that in 2008, this company became a Limited Liability Company (PT) until now referred to as PT Javadwipa Duta Mandiri.

Javadwipa Lighting

Until 2017, the birth of a new division, namely Javadwipa Lighting (JDL) which is engaged in the design, planning, installation and maintenance of lighting to the procurement of lamp components/light sources. Then in 2019 Javadwipa Lighting was trusted to become an Authorized Distributor of OSRAM, a German company which is one of the world's largest light manufacturers.

Javadwipa Mechatronics

In 2018 PT Javadwipa Duta Mandiri gave birth to a new division, namely Javadwipa Mechatronics (Javameka). Javameka is a division that focuses on Engineering Solutions. Javameka has created many systems or tools needed in industry to support the creation of Industry 4.0 or the IoT era. In addition, this division also develops systems based on Security and K3 in the industrial world.

Javadwipa Safety

PT Javadwipa Duta Mandiri is further complemented by the trust of PT Javadwipa Duta Mandiri to become the Authorized Distributor of BRADY in 2020. Brady is a company that focuses on supporting products for Occupational Health and Safety. Brady has been around for more than 100 years and continues to grow to meet market and customer needs. Brady offers innovative products backed by years of research and development. Brady is here to provide a complete solution that identifies and protects places, products and people.

Javadwipa Humanika

Then in early 2021, PT JDM was triumphed by the birth of a new division, namely Java Humanika which is engaged in consulting services for organizational, management and business development as well as Human Resources (HR) based on Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and Big Data Analysis for the data collection process. management. This division was initiated in 2021 by Dr. M.G. Bagus Ani Putra, Psi as an expert consultant in the field of HR and Management.

Javadwipa Gas

At this time, we are proud to introduce that PT Javadwipa Duta Mandiri is now providing the latest service, namely Javadwipa Gas & Pipeline (J.GAS) in an effort to provide services in the field of Oil, Water and Gas Piping. With all humility, we hope that this company profile can be the basis for consideration, offers, cooperation and product information in the future.

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