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Nutanix offers turnkey datacenter infrastructure software and hardware that provides on-premises, enterprise-class private clouds. Built from the ground up to be software defined and hyperconverged, the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform delivers storage, compute, infrastructure management, and monitoring software through a highly virtualized, scale-out architecture. Nutanix provides a resilient pool of abstracted
x86 server resources that allow IT administrators to run mission-critical applications efficiently and cost effectively. The company’s portfolio of offerings is detailed below.

These offerings can be purchased as turnkey appliances with all required software and hardware included or as a software-only option that can be deployed on pre-certified, general-purpose servers. An overview of the core technology within the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform is as follows:

Acropolis is the core software-based distributed storage fabric that provides Nutanix’s enterprise-class data, networking, and virtualization services for all workloads running on the solution. Acropolis includes the following components:

  • AHV is Nutanix’s own enterprise-class hypervisor that is included at no additional license cost. Nutanix AHV can be deployed in lieu of other commercial hypervisors to reduce software licenses and further simplify management and operation. Acropolis also supports the following hypervisors: VMware ESXi, Microsoft Hyper-V, and Citrix XenServer.
  • Platform Services are software-defined data services designed to support virtualized applications, nonvirtualized applications, unstructured file data, and containerized applications. These services are optional and can be enabled/disabled on demand.
  • Enterprise Storage Capabilities represent the distributed storage fabric that provides core storage services such as performance acceleration, compression, data deduplication, data replication (synchronous and asynchronous), automated tiering, snapshots, clones, replication, erasure coding, file services, block services, and container services.
  • Acropolis Network Services provide network visualization and automation of common network operations.
  • Acropolis Security provides customers with a hardened platform with security posture auditing and a self-healing framework to reset to a known configuration, built-in key security features such as two-factor authentication, cluster lockdown, data-at-rest encryption, and key management. Acropolis also exposes APIs so that third-party network security, endpoint security, and data security offerings can be integrated into the platform.
  • Nutanix App Mobility Fabric (AMF) provides virtual machine migration and conversion across a robust matrix of Nutanix and non-Nutanix infrastructure, hypervisors, and clouds.

The Nutanix Prism management framework: Prism provides a single pane of management and greatly simplifies all aspects of managing Nutanix deployments, including virtual machines, hosts and clusters, networking, and data protection. Prism also provides customers with the insights needed to understand their environments and recommends actions to resolve problems and address capacity concerns that arise. Prism management also provides a comprehensive set of management and monitoring APIs to allow for further automation or integration into broader datacenter tooling.

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